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Technial Advantage Picture 1One of the true advantages apparent in the Maxim operations is the cost efficiency in operating its fields. Once a field is acquired, Maxim’s Land & Mineral Management team moves in to implement a workover and drilling program envisioned for the field during the acquisition process. That may relate to simple conventional methods such as water removal or pump maintenance.


The technological advantage to which Maxim can currently claim is the application of a technology that it has acquired, and whose patents it has purchased at $4 million as well, together with other innovative technologies to which it has access, technologies that advance the recovery of oil and natural gas from both newly drilled wells and older existing wells; technologies whose cost-of-application is a mere fraction of the costs of conventional means used by independent operators and major operators. Maxim has had the advantage of using and overseeing the usage of these technologies so as to know where they should be applied and when.


The end result is a far more cost effective means of accessing oil and natural gas reserves that were missed in the original production of a well, and the fracturing of formation structures to create better channels of oil and gas flow without the high cost and clean up of conventional fractures. When costs can be reduced and the efficiency of a well increased, there should be a chance of enhanced profitability.

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