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Mission Picture 1 Conquest Petroleum Incorporated is formerly Maxim TEP, Inc. ("Maxim" or the "Company"), is headquartered in Houston, Texas, has approximately 32,000 acres under lease in relatively long-lived fields in 4 states with well-established production histories and is currently engaged in drilling, developing and exploiting these properties to provide long-term growth in stockholder value.. The Company is an oil and natural gas exploration, development and production (E&P) company geographically focused on the onshore United States. The Company's operational focus is the acquisition, through the most cost effective means possible, of production or near production of oil and natural gas field assets. Targeted fields generally have existing wells that are often past primary energy recovery, but whose enhancement through secondary and tertiary recovery methods could revitalize them. Targeted fields also have the availability of additional drilling sites. The Company seeks to have an inventory of existing wells to enhance and a number of new drilling sites to maintain growth, while increasing reserves and cash flow.

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